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Anamnesis Vol. II

Got the opportunity to once again illustrate Anamnesis, Colorado College’s Journal of Philosophy, for the second year/volume.

Includes illustrations for Postmodern Lackluster: Technology and the Race of Imitators by Courtney Timmins and The Arrival of Ahmed: Queer Phenomenology and the Husserlian Tradition by Amanda Pinto.

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Stepping Over the Sight Line

“Soggy Chips” was chosen to be featured in the Athena Project’s all female show Stepping Over the Sight Line at 4W Gallery in Lakewood, CO. Athena Project is a group dedicated to supporting and expanding women’s contributions to the arts. The show will run from January 27th through February 18th with an opening on Friday, February 3rd.

img_6710Soggy Chips, oil on wood, 19″x25″