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Tintype by Penumbra Tintype Portrait Studio of NY, NY, Oct.2015

I am a visual artist who bounced from Orange, CA to Colorado and landed in Seattle, WA. My art deals with repeating structures in the human form and the idiosyncrasies that define individuals. These themes come from an interest in “breaking people apart” in a sense and enhancing the flaws and quirks that set them apart. Mannerism, distortion, and color become significant tools for enhancing these details. I primarily uses illustration, painting, and block printing to convey these ideas.

My work can be seen at Sidestreet Arts in Portland, OR, Push/Pull in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA, at Drift Collective of Portsmouth, NH or on my etsy account.


 – morganbak



  1. Love your work! I have a sticker you made that my son (adam young) gave me last year so i looked you up! Hope all is going great!


  2. Really enjoyed looking at your page. Your art is arresting, slightly disturbing yet appealing. I’m not much of a judge, but think you are a very talented artist!


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