Playing Around with Pen & India Ink

new six eye

in process

start with the india ink

tail people?

tail detail


Firing Time

firing time


“Nervous Laughter: A Solo Exhibition by Morgan Bak”


Friday, August 7th, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

at The Machine Shop, 4 South Wasatch, Colorado Springs, CO

“The Machine Shop is excited to present the work of emerging artist, Morgan Bak. As a primarily self-taught ceramic sculptor, Morgan’s sculptures of warped, exaggerated facial features take on an uneasy quality. Facial expressions are a key tool in determining the status of one’s inner emotional state. This concept has fascinated Morgan, leading to highly-expressionistic faces as a common theme in her work. Join us for an opening featuring her resident work at the Machine Shop.

Morgan Bak is a senior studio art major at Colorado College and works with various mediums such as clay, ink, acrylic paint, woodcuts, drypoint, and etching (line, softground, aquatint) with a primary focus on ceramic sculpture, illustration, and printmaking.”